The story begins.

An Exhausted Mother

An exhausted mother of 3 struggling to keep up with the demands of a full time job and a home filled with three children under five. A father, discontent with his corporate career wanting more control over his destiny and more time to spend at home with the family. An unlikely start to a brand that has sold tens of thousands of housekeeping caddies and bags all over the world to customers who have, literally, become raving fans.

The ball gets rolling.

‘Sold Out In 4 Weeks’

Our first solution, the humble Clothespin Bag. Julie reflected on how her mum would make her own clothespin apron to save bending over constantly to grab pegs. She had been looking for a while for the perfect clothespin bag so when faced with the challenge to come up with a product that would add value to her busy life this was her first idea - Her husband embraced the challenge and within 3 months had sourced a designer, a factory, a photographer and launched the Wearable Clothespin Bag with an innovative mesh base. Within 4 weeks it sold out in the United States.

The product range grows.

‘Drive By Cleaning’

The juggling of kids and career continued, but hanging out the laundry was much improved - Julie thought about what other chores could be made simpler and faster. Relying on ‘drive by cleaning’ to keep on top of things - a once over of the vanity and quick hand mop of the floor while supervising the kids bath, a few windows cleaned whilst dinner cooks - if everything was kept in a caddy that could easily be worn over the shoulder whilst wrangling the kids it would make these bite size cleaning chores so much easier - And so the FifthStart Wearable Cleaning Caddy was launched in North America & Europe.

As Momentum gathered

‘The Dream Became A Reality’

As the dream of building a brand became a reality, family gatherings and coffee dates with friends turned in to brainstorming sessions and sample interrogation - households around Sydney were all faced with similar challenges and everyone had an idea for a product that would make life easier, Diaper Caddies with entertainment pouches, Bath Toy Caddies that looked beautiful, but allowed water to quickly drain, Travel Toiletry & Dorm Bags that could be worn, clipped to the towel rail or attached to tiles.

we still pinch ourselves

Thirty Thousand Caddies (and Counting)

Hard to believe that ‘FifthStart’, a global brand, began with a simple conversation between Paul, driven to create something of value and Julie, with no shortage of ideas for solutions that would have made her life easier.

Our journey is just beginning. To date over 30,000 FifthStart caddies have been sold globally.