Wearable Cleaning Caddy: Yellow Floral

Color: Yellow Floral

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The FifthStart wearable cleaning supply caddy travels with you for easy cleaning. Our unique cleaning caddies have adjustable and removable shoulder and waist straps as well as being a cleaning caddy with handle for ease of movement. You can customise our caddy for cleaning supplies by adjusting the inner compartments to give you 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 sections.

There are 3 sizes to suit your needs (see sizes and dimensions below). Designed for style and built to last with polished stainless steel fittings. This is a genuinely professional cleaning caddy and when it first arrives you will feel the quality. There is also a mesh base for easy cleaning, a clever garbage bag dispenser and multiple compartments, alligator clips and storage compartments. We have thought of everything when designing this cleaning supply bag

  • The FifthStart cleaning supplies caddy comes with a 2 year warranty. It also comes in several colours and sizes to suits your needs
    • Small:  13'' x 7'' x 10''
    • Large:  15'' x 8'' x 10''
    • X-Large:  15'' x 10'' x 10’'
  • Adjustable and easy to wear. Made with an adjustable shoulder and waist strap, our cleaning caddy bag is super comfortable to wear. The fabric and straps are made from durable, non-scratch and non-snag fabric. The unique design creates an ultra-secure cleaning supply tote, keeping selected supplies upright as you move, stretch, bend, to clean hard-to-reach areas.
  • Featuring firm sides and secure dividers, the wearable cleaning supplies organiser tote stays put, and won’t fall forward or bump around as you work.
  • Not only is this housekeeping caddy far more flexible than a standard caddy, it has pockets and clips for multiple uses. It also doubles up as storage for anything you want to carry. This includes your mobile phone, music players, keys, swipe card, wallet or credit cards.
  • This cleaning supplies carrier has an innovative mesh base which allows airflow for damp cloths to dry out, and also prevents cleaning spills or gunk build-up, giving you a low-maintenance storage solution. Make your life easier and save time in your busy day, without having to worry about damp, grime or bad smells where your cleaning products are stored.
  • You can also use this unique cleaning supplies organiser caddy as a car caddy or a garden caddy.Wearable 

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"This bag is PERFECT! It’s the right size for the variety of cleaning supplies. I just love FifthStart Caddy!..."

Rachel R.