Scare-Free Window Bird Feeder, Keep The Kids Entertainment


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Scare Free Mirror Backed Window Bird Feeder. Birds Feed Undisturbed Whilst You Watch. Innovative Window Bird Feeders with Strong Suction Cups Creates Fun for The Whole Family

  • This Clever ONE-WAY MIRROR is SCARE FREE & makes bird spotting real fun. The mirror is easily removed for cleaning. You can get up close to the window bird house. These clear bird feeders for window have a removable RESTRICTION DOOR to restrict larger birds. This suction cup bird feeder window is a solid acrylic bird feeder. Window bird feeders for outside need be fun and easy to use as well as strong. The four suction cups are corner mounted for easier visibility. A great two way bird feeder.
  • It comes with an optional LARGE BIRD RESTRICTION DOOR which is integrated with the clear window bird feeder, can be removed for easy cleaning or left out permanently to allow larger or multiple small birds to feed at once. The bird window feeder can be window mounted to suit your needs. You can can also use the two-way scare free mirror or have a clear view by removing it. The acrylic bird feeder window is designed to provide you maximum flexibility.
  • 4 X LARGE CORNER MOUNTED SUCTION CUPS. The suction bird feeder window comes with large, high quality suction cups. We made a strong bird feeder window suction cup. and the suction cups are corner mounted so that they do not block your view through the bird feeder suction cup window. This is one of the strongest and most durable products, effectively providing you with a clear view window tray bird feeder.
  • The clear bird feeder has 3 INDEPENDENT FEEDING TRAYS with DRAINAGE. Bird feeders for windows outside should be easy and convenient for you to clean, this is why we custom designed the 3 in 1 feeder tray with laser-drilled drainage holes. You can fill the clear hanging bird feeder with 3 different kinds of bird seed depending on your location or season. The bird feeders window trays are also fully see through so the birds can see the colour of the seeds from all sides.
  • The product dimension of the window mount bird feeder is 11.8 in (30cm) x 5.1 (13cm) x 5.1 (13cm). The product is constructed from high quality acrylic which maintains durability over time. INSTRUCTION: Wipe, clean, and dry your window glass and the suction cup before attaching the window bird house to your window. CUSTOMER SUPPORT: If you have any concerns or issues once you purchase this product, please contact us through Amazon and we will quickly resolve all issues within 24 hours.

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