Wearable Clothespin Bag: White Check

Color: White Check

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    Wearable clothespin bag with shoulder strap. The FifthStart clothes pin bag also includes double secure clips as well solid waterproof base for complete protection of your clothes pins. Our range also includes a a choice of clothespin bags that have clever quick-dry mesh base to ensure that your clothespins dry quickly and stay clean and our mesh-base range include a dual waist strap in addition to the shoulder strap. You have a range of colours and patterns to choose from. The solid base clothes pin bags also come with 2 removable suction cups that allows you to attach your clothespin bag to laundry tiles. They all hold up to 300 medium size clothespins, all of our products come with 3 day free shipping to US residents and we also provide a reassuring 2 year manufacturers warranty on all of the FifthStart product range. We believe that you should only have to buy a product once and that product should last you for years.

    • Our WEARABLE WATERPROOF clothes pin bags outdoor. No more bending/straining to pick up pegs with the detachable shoulder strap. A bag that can be worn and comes in a great range. Ideal for outdoor or indoor laundry clothespin storage.
    • If you are thinking about getting a clothespins basket, start with our durable and waterproof bag that reduces bending and straining. IMPORTANT: CLOTHES PINS SOLD SEPARATELY.
    • SOLID BASE WATERPROOF. If you regularly leave your bag on the line, the SOLID BASE range allows your clothes pins bag to stay dry and clean. The shoulder strap connectors have stainless steel clips that will not rust. As sturdy and durable as a clothespin basket, made from 900D fabric.
    • HOLDS UP TO 300 CLOTHESPINS and the pattern range gives the feel of a vintage clothespin bag's. Our product will not rust.
    • 2 SUCTION CUPS (for optional use). Lots of choice when it comes to hanging, attaching to tiles or wearing on the go. The bag can be used on a laundry rack or bathroom rail. 2 SUCTION CUPS can attach to laundry tiles. 
    • HANDS FREE We are so confident in the quality of our product that it is backed by a 2 YEAR WARRANTY. You can feel confident using your new purchase.

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      "This bag is PERFECT! It’s the right size for the variety of cleaning supplies. I just love FifthStart Caddy!..."

      Rachel R.